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Fun Aur Funkaar

"The positive sides of Pakistan are not presented as much as the negative in the media...and I think it is high time to showcase how rich the art, culture and talent is in Pakistan too.” - Azzah Atique

Shahid Afridi Gala Dinner

Beside events year 2018 brought more new leads for Momentz , the Cricket superhero Shahid Afridi made his way to Singapore along with his team to share the background behind setting up shahid afridiShahid Afridi Foundation and its objectives.
Momentz organised a gala dinner on 5th May where friends and fans got a chance to meet Shahid Afridi. Momentz by Azzah has joined hands with Shahid Afridi Foundation to become their Singapore representative to raise awareness of SAF, its objectives and to become a prominent part in bringing hope and smiles to thousands of underprivileged people in Pakistan to build a better future. Through this effort from Momentz, people donated generously, showed their interest in supporting SAF financially and in promoting the cause. With this Hope to stand together for a big cause, in future Momentz plans to support SAF, by becoming its prominent face in Singapore, working as Non-Profitable Charity Organization under the slogan Hope Not Out!. Hope to stand together we plan to host SAF again and again in coming years.

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Background- Fun Aur Funkaar

It is easy in Singapore to find an eatery serving authentic Indian fare or to suss out Indian art. The fashion showdisparity in the cultural footprint has prompted Ms Azzah Waseem to produce another very unique and attractive event to the Singapore market in March 2017, that had never been done in the past. Fun Aur Funkaar, festival that promises to bring an exciting journey through the rich Indus Heritage, showcases Pakistan's food, art, music and fashion.
The event is designed to continue the festivities for whole week to celebrate regional food, culture, music and art across Indus. A mega hit event that introduces the unexplored treasures of a beautiful culture that has been hidden from so many.
In Urdu, "Fun" is "art", but it can also mean the original word in English. "Aur" means "and", and "Funkaar" means "an artist" in Urdu. Loosely translated, it means "Art and Artist”.
The festival spanned over a period of ten days, from 12th of April to the 22nd of April 2018, what transpired over the glamourous ten-ish days of the peaceful Pakistan culture "invasion"! and participants were invited to an in-depth, comprehensive and artistic Pakistan journey. What a treat! It's one of those rare occasions in which Singaporeans get to interact with the deeply rich culture of the Pakistanis, and in such a personal way.

Fashion Show

12th April - Fashion Show - Media Event

Pakistanis sure have the passion for fashion!

The event brought by Momentz By Azzah was not just a one day spectacle displaying an array of designers, but was also a hub of fashion show momentzPakistani fashion in Singapore that can change the face of fashion as we know it. Like 2017 this year again, Momentz By Azzah have gone all out in showcasing the Fashion of Pakistan in Singapore. The line-up for “Fun Aur Funkaar” left the audience awestruck. The day took off with a host of exciting designers and beautifully dressed socialites. Many eager citizens of Singapore were present to observe the designers from Pakistan who were displaying their clothing line for the first time in Singapore and successfully leaving a mark.
A glamours opening to the 10 days festivities was by Ali Xeeshan and other designers of Pakistan, showcasing their bridal and pret wear.
“I think a show dedicated to sustainable Pakistani Fashion in Singapore is a very good idea and I do hope to be a part of it next time” says Ali Xeeshan.
The event was hosted by Faizan Haqque and famous Pakistani celebrity Adnan Siddiqui made his celebrity appearance. Chief guest of the event was High Commissioner of Pakistan to Singapore.

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 Likhay Jo Khat Tujhae

13th April 2018 - Dramatic Recital

This time Momentz brought another piece of skills, art, creativity, acting and speech through a " Stage Play “, a special dramatic recital, “LIKHAY THAY KHAT TUJHAY” of original likhay jo khat tujhaeurdu letters from the great authors and contributors to the language " namely Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Amrita Pritam, Safiya Jan Nisar Akhtar ( mother of Jawed Akhter ) and Josh Maleeh Abadi “, was presented in collaboration with Olomopolo Media group under the Kanwal Khoosat who is the daughter of legendary actor Irfan Khoosat from Lahore, starring popular and versatile actors of Pakistani television and theatre, Sania Saeed, and Tajdar Zaidi. Urdu literature and culture came alive through this stage play! It was a thrilling experience for Urdu language lovers and appreciators of literature. The play connected
both the Indian and Pakistani audience by its rich content and extraordinary performance.

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Live with Shafqat Amanat Ali in Singapore. A memorable night with his famous most songs like “Mitwa”, "Tere Naina Tere Naina”, “Yeh Honsla” and “Dama Dum Mast Qalandar"


 Art Exhibition

 17th - 21st April 2018-Modern And Contemporary Art

As the festival name suggests, "Fun Aur Funkaar" is all about art and artists! Momentz brought the rich culture of Pakistan and Urdu lifestyle to Singapore.The unique artwork, abstract and realism art Art Exhibition 2018pieces were on display of artists across Pakistan who are gifted to present our rich heritage using colours. The aim of this segment was to present the phenomenal artworks of top painters of Pakistan.
Over the years, Pakistani artists have grown to include some of their greatest imaginations on the canvas thus, painting unique portraits. Every artist had a different way of putting up their imagination on the canvas, the paintings and the efforts put up by team Momentz was highly appreciated by Singaporeans. Featuring the works of famous artists such as Sadequain, Jamil Naqsh, Bin Qalandar, A.S.Rind, Aamir Khatri, Saeed Akhtar , A Q Arif and Singapore-based Erum Adnan. The event was organised in collaboration with one of the top art galleries of Pakistan; Ejaz Gallery from Lahore.

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Food Festival

20th - 22nd April 2018 -EXOTIC PAKISTANI FOOD

This set up has been around in March 2017 under the name of the event “ Fun Aur Funkaar ” , where exotic Pakistani food of all food festivalthe regions was prepared and served by one of the known chefs from Pakistan. It was the time of the year when Singapore literally woke up to grab quick bites at the restaurant in their city, to taste Pakistani cuisine which is specifically known for its awe - inspiring and evolved taste buds, in this spring season Singaporeans celebrated food.
Momentz introduced Singapore to a rich finger licking food of Pakistan. Food representing history and culture, was a unique experience. Food is at least half of a culture. We created a tasteful journey of authentic Pakistani cuisine by bringing a Lahore Food Street experience for the food lovers. It was an experience that will be remembered for long by introducing a Lahore ambiance to the venue.

Pakistani food spread had the concept of PAY-AS-YOU-EAT nature.The food was prepared by Chef Rehmat Karim from Serena Hotel Islamabad. There were several dishes introduced into the menu giving both vegetarian and non - vegetarian options, something different for Singaporeans all three days.

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 Mitwa- Shafqat Amanat Ali

22nd April 2018 - Shafqat Amanat Ali

The event closed with an incredible performance by classical singer, Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, his shafqat amanat ali live in singaporepopular works were blending classical Pakistani and Indian rhythms. The lead singer of the Pakistani rock band Fuzon san sone of his popular works include “Mitwa”, "Tere Naina Tere Naina”, “Yeh Honsla”. One of the popular number “Dama Dum Mast Qalandar” for audience to leave their seatsas they couldn't stop dancing and singing along. What a night to remember!
Momentz by Azzah asserts that the festival is not just for Pakistani expatriates in Singapore, for Singaporeans as well. Many people know little about Pakistan here and
that is unfortunate. So this festival is an opportunity for them to learn about the country, whether through its food, art, music or fashion. Momentz plans to make the festival an annual affair and to feature other countries that are part of the subcontinent, including Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, in future editions. We are proud of bringing in an event where Momentz manages to showcase culture and people together through food, music, art and fashion under one platform. It concept introduced by Momentz helped to create many business opportunities especially within Singapore; thus highlighting a multi-cultural country.
Through this, Momentz didn’t only target the niche community but a vast network of locals and expats in Singapore, also managed to cater a large number of Singaporeans of different ethnicity to experience Pakistani culture. The overwhelming response from the people of Singapore for Fun Aur Funkaar created a demand for us to make it an annual event. In 2018, We came back with a concept which was larger and much more elaborated than last year. Esplanade Singapore being the venue for Fun Aur Funkar attracted a huge footfall for the 10 days festivities.shafqat amanat ali live
It was definitely a fine 10 - day event which the team had put forward in order for Singapore to experience culture of Pakistan with A-list socialists and bloggers. The 5 – day
event was attended by people of different communities in Singapore. Around 1000 attendees daily catered for lunch and dinner. They not only appreciated the event but also want Momentz by Azzah to bring the entire event every year. Team Momentz by Azzah has already been a prominent name among the event management companies when it comes to bringing Pakistani culture to Singapore.
The event created an extraordinary hype for Momentz and was covered by local and international media such Straits Times, Channel New Asia, Lush magazine, Tribune Times
Pakistan and local Pakistani newspaper Jang.

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